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Start (5/125)
5GB Disk shared space protected with RAID 1 and R1 soft daily backup
(shared between all user accounts reseller made)

125 GB Monthly bandwith pool
(shared between all user accounts reseller made)

anything else - unlimited


Control panel DirectAdmin Reseller Level
- ability to make user accounts with their own User Level DirectAdmin control panel
- can make unlimited user accounts
- control all user accounts from reseller account
- custom nameservers ns1.yourdomain.tld / ns2.yourdomain.tld
- easy upgrade in 1/25 steps (1GB disk space / 25GB monthly bandwith) with appropriate discounts
- discount for domain registration
- discount for 3, 6, 12 months upfront payment
- completely whitelabel


- dedicated IP - subject to extra fee
- WHMCS - subject to extra fee
- domain reseller accounts - free setup but requires adding funds in order you can selling domains
€13.50 EUR Monthly
€38.48 EUR Quarterly
€72.90 EUR Semi-Annually
€129.60 EUR Annually